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A free platform for both buyers and sellers. The guarantor's commission is charged for successful transactions only.


All money and account transfers are controlled by our guarantors. Dishonest sellers and buyers go to the blacklist forever.


Only on our platform: if you put up your Instagram account for sale today, you get your money tomorrow.


User-friendly interface allows you to find the right page easily or putting up your Instagram account for sale.


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Insta Sale service

Buy Instagram accounts fast and safely on Insta Sale! This website is a marketplace of Instagram accounts allowing buyers to choose and buy Instagram accounts gaining the target audience corresponding to their needs. Users and pages available for sale are automatically verified and are real. Don’t know where to buy Instagram accounts? Insta Sale helps! We offer internal guarantor services for secure transactions. You’re ensured the transaction will be carried out ASAP, with no third-party guarantor services for verification, and without having to wait long. Within 1-2 days, the buyer receives a page for the development of their business or personal image on the Internet. Besides, Insta Sale website offers many benefits for Instagram pages’ sellers. Due to the high users’ activity, you can sell Instagram account in a few days after placing the ad. All you need is the reliable information about the account, the correct niche determination, and a fair price. For user-friendly search and determination, Insta Sale has the convenient niche filter and filtering by the number of followers and the price.

How to buy Instagram accounts

The purchase process is a piece of cake. The buyer should log in, select the desired account and contact its owner. Then, the buyer and seller discuss all the page details in a private chat. Once the buyers have chosen an account and ensure its reliability, they can safely buy it via Insta Sale Escrow Service. To start the transaction, click on the Buy Account with Escrow button on the listing page.

How to list Instagram accounts for sale

We offer simple selling process on Insta Sale. The users who want to put their Instagram pages up for sale just need to log in, visit the Listings page and add their Instagram account for sale. Describe your page, define a niche, set the price of the account, and wait for the messages.

Buy Instagram account with followers instead of buying followers

If you are interested in buying a page on Instagram, I assume you have some set criteria and goals for the profile use. Most likely, the page will be used to promote a brand, business or person on Instagram. In order for the purchase of a page to be effective and beneficial, it is necessary that the followers be authentic. Quite often, in order to save, buyers prefer to purchase followers for their existing account on various services. This is a big mistake.

3 reasons to buy Instagram account:

  1. By buying an Instagram page, you can evaluate its coverage and the geography of users, the number of likes and comments, and other important characteristics. As a result, you will be able to decide whether the audience of this particular account will be interested in your product or service. Instead, when you buy followers, you have no idea who these people are or whether they actually exist.
  2. Save time and money on page promotion. If you have decided to take your business to a new level, increase sales and visibility among the target audience, then you want to do it immediately. You probably don’t have time to promote a newly created page on Instagram because it takes at least a few months. If you use third-party services for promotion, you risk being banned by Instagram itself. A good solution would be to buy a ready-made promoted page with active live users. It is possible that in a few days after starting your work with the purchased page you will get new customers.
  3. A new level of your business development. Over the past few years, Instagram has become one of the most important platforms for promotion, advertising and community service. If you have not yet mastered this niche, then you are not keeping up with the times. You are losing a huge audience segment and, most importantly, you are ignoring the most popular free platform for action. According to the latest information, US users spend more time on Instagram than on the well-known Facebook. Therefore, you need to change something right away.