Anniversary date – 1 year of work!

A year ago, on September 12, we launched the first version of our service in public testing. Many changes have been made since then, a dozen bugs were fixed, and the work still goes on. The users who have enjoyed our service for quite some time noticed some changes in the functionality or interface. We have prepared some important updates for our birthday.

1. More Openness and Understanding

We’ve added the new Latest News section to keep our users constantly updated. We have added such pages as FAQ, Escrow, and Support that make our service more clear and open to everyone.

2. Privacy is Everything

We have done a great job for the security of your private information. All your private data is securely encrypted. Data such as first name, last name, country of residence, and e-mail are available only to the administrators when they conduct an escrow transaction. All other public users have access to your username only.

3. Badges for Regular Users

Our first sellers and buyers appeared when we launched the first version of our service. Over time, several regular sellers and buyers stood out on our platform. We believe that such users need to be encouraged and want to tell everyone that they are worth dealing with. At the moment we have the following badges:

Administrator Badge
This badge is given only to the administrators. Please note that the admins not only have a badge but also different avatars.

Verified User Badge
You must have at least 3 completed transactions totalling more than $ 3000 to receive such a badge. You will then be prompted to verify your account. The description of the complete verification procedure will be provided soon.

Trusted User Badge
This badge is given to everyone after the first successful transaction.

Badges are now a trust mark, and additional functionality will soon be available for the owners of such accounts.

4. Listing Views Statistics

Starting September 1, we began to gather statistics of published listings views. You will be able to see the number of views of your listing. This statistics is currently open to trusted and verified users. We are planning to open statistics for everyone in the future.

5. Convenient Navigation, Open Character of Your Listings

We have upgraded the navigation between such sections Escrow Transaction, My Listings, Messages and more. Now, you are always able to see the usernames of your listings. For others, they are still hidden.

We are always glad to hear all your ideas for improving our service. You can leave your suggestions in the Support section (select Suggest Changes). We promise to respond to everyone.

  • 2019-09-12

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