Black Friday on Insta Sale

As soon as at the end of this week, on 29 November, crazy Black Friday discounts and bargain sales will start. We are not going to neglect this tradition as well. Insta Sale starts preparing for the Black Friday in order to provide you with advantageous purchase and sales opportunities on our website.

Thus, verified Insta Sale sellers are already able to offer promotional prices for their accounts and quickly sell them on the website. Special offer accounts will be highlighted, attracting the attention of the website visitors.

Black Friday Benefits for Instagram Accounts Buyers

On 29 November only, you will be able to buy quality Instagram account at up to 50% discount!!! Only Trusted and Verified sellers are allowed to participate in the promo campaign. So, you are not risking anything and can obtain the rights to the account very soon. The sale will take place for one day only.

Black Friday Benefits for Instagram Accounts Sellers

For the Black Friday campaign, a separate page will be created to make the search for the promo accounts easier. Also, all the accounts participating in the campaign will be visibly highlighted in the catalogue among the other offers. Thus, by reducing the price by 10-50%, you can sell an enormous amount of accounts within an extremely short period.

How to Join the Sale

There are two requirements for participation in the bargain sale:

  • Trusted and Verified status;
  • Accounts with the original email.

If you are a Trusted and Verified seller, right now in the listing management section across the accounts with the original email you can find “Black Friday Sale” field. Indicate the special-offer price of the account (maximum 90% of the normal price, $75 minimum) in this field and just wait for Friday. Everyone who fills in this field becomes the bargain sale participant.

If you are not willing to participate in the sale, just leave this field empty.

Do not miss the opportunity to conclude a profitable agreement.

Have great sales and purchases!

  • 2019-11-27

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