Happy New 2021 Year!

Insta Sale wishes you a Happy New Year! We wish each of you a lot of joy and happy moments, as well as achieving your goals. And we, in turn, would like to share our changes and improvements (there were lots of them in 2020), and talk about our own plans for the nearest future.

Escrow Service Updates

Let’s start with an unpleasant experience, which eventually pushed us to significantly improve Insta Sale service.

At the beginning of last year, we had serious issues with our payment system. All funds were frozen and, as a result, all transactions were suspended. It was then, after losing a lot of money and putting the project on hold, that we decided to cooperate with Escrow.com, so we redesigned our platform and fully integrated our transactions with Escrow.com. But even here it turned out that the system was too complicated and did not allow to obtain funds from most sellers. Eventually, we introduced another update and started using Bitcoin as the main payment method.

Looking back, we understand that bitcoin fits perfectly into the Insta Sale philosophy and corresponds to our basic requirements: transparency, anonymity and decentralization. In 2021, we will not change this payment method, but we plan to further improve and simplify the escrow transaction process.

Changes in the listing interface

Another significant improvement is that we have redesigned the listings section to make the search for Instagram accounts easier. Buyers can now fully assess whether a particular account is suitable for them, even without going to the details page. In addition, we have developed filters to search for listings by the required parameters.

We plan to expand the filter later and add other parameters, such as the availability of the original email, keywords in the description, etc. Also, we want to allow buyers to exclude the entire categories or individual sellers.

We are also currently testing advertising positions for the accounts and plan to provide special offers for loyal sellers soon. Later, the option will be available to everyone.

Advanced analytics

In the spring, we gave sellers access to listing analytics. This allows tracking the number of hits in the search and the number of views of published accounts.

Now we continue working on it. In the future, we want to provide loyal sellers with access to advanced analytics for their better understanding of the conversion sources and the effectiveness of particular listings.

Upcoming updates

In the first half of January, we plan to launch internal reviews. The buyer who bought the listing via the escrow system will be able to leave feedback about the seller and vice versa. All the reviews will be displayed on the user’s page, and in the future may also affect the ratings of sellers and buyers.

To conclude

During this year, we really worked a lot on the Insta Sale website and introduced numerous updates to improve the service both for the account sellers and buyers. We like working on the project, because we see the service users’ feedback and the great interest of people from various countries. Thank you for choosing us and helping us in improving the marketplace.

This year has hardened us and brought a truly valuable experience as well as many happy moments. So we want you to achieve your dreams, despite the difficulties and obstacles. May the New Year succeed!

  • 2020-12-31

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  • Aliserpico

    2 years ago

    Happy new year. One of the best and securest marketplaces for both sellers and buyers. Can’t wait to see what’s coming next