Important Insta Sale Spring Updates

Dear friends! During the latest three months, our Escrow service was put on hold due to the problems with the payment system. We have encountered serious challenges, but we’ve learnt the lesson and substantially improved our service. We are happy to announce that we resume the website operation and would like to share the major spring updates with you.

1. Escrow Service Updates

Almost for two months we were trying to solve the problem. However, we realized that we will not be able to do that for quite a long time. In any case, Insta Sale is a unique trading platform we want to develop despite all that, so it was decided to find other payment systems and to start work as soon as possible. After checking dozens of companies, communication with escrow representatives and our own research, we have opted for service – the largest escrow website in the world. Integration with this service opens up new opportunities for sellers and buyers on our website, allows selecting various payment methods, ensures high reliability and convenient interaction.

However, the previous experience has shown that you cannot rely on a single payment system. That is why very soon we are going to introduce an additional payment option – payment via bitcoins. You will be able to buy for bitcoins only from the sellers who already have transactions on our website. To be the first to know about the launch of this update, follow our news in the dashboard section.

If you know other payment systems that will work well for our business please contact us.

2. Listing Section Update

Listing is the most visited section of our website. We have decided to make the search for the necessary listings more comfortable for website users. Account search filters are available now. By setting the required parameters, you will find the account you need more quickly.

Also, we have modified the listings display to show more necessary information without transition to the listing itself. The new view is already available for everyone in the listing section.

If you have any ideas on how to improve filters or any comments, please contact us.

3. Providing Access to Analytics

Starting from 1 May 2020, the statistics will be available for all the users. You can find out the view count of your listing on its page. Additionally, due to the new listings display, we add one more analytics parameter: the number of appearances in search results. It will allow the sellers to better analyse which listings are the most popular among the buyers.

4. Expanding the Mailbox and Spam Fighting

We have changed the limits for the messaging system. Now all the users can have 100 open dialogues (instead of 50). At the same time, we have limited opening new dialogues up to 1 dialogue per 5 minutes. The users will practically see no difference, but it won’t be pleasant for the spammers. Also, in the nearest future, we are going to introduce certain checks to limit multiaccounting. This will allow reducing the number of spammers and potential fraudsters to a minimum.


Of course, we have described the most important updates only. During this time, we have eliminated numerous bugs, added new functionality to improve our service and updated the old one.

We are glad that the negative experience has not become a reason for the website shutdown. On the contrary, it pushed us to search for new solutions and improve the resource. Now we can tell for sure that Insta Sale is the most convenient and reliable platform for the purchase and sale of Instagram accounts.

Thank you for being with us. Please keep in mind that you can offer your idea for improving the website simply by writing to us.

  • 2020-05-04

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