Insta Sale Escrow Service

Insta Sale Escrow is the most secure way to buy and sell Instagram accounts. With Insta Sale Escrow you will not worry about being cheated in the process of transferring your account.

How It Works

  • Buyer and Seller agree on terms

    At this point, the seller and the buyer agree on the price of the account and fill in the necessary information to start the transaction.

  • Buyer pays Insta Sale Escrow

    After verifying the buyer’s and the seller’s data, Insta Sale Escrow issues an Invoice to the buyer. The buyer pays the cost of the account.

  • The seller provides the account details for Insta Sale Escrow

    Upon receipt of the transfer slip from the buyer, the seller fills in a special form with the account information being sold.

  • Insta Sale Escrow checks the account information and passes it on to the buyer

    Insta Sale Escrow checks the account information, changes it if necessary (if the buyer asks for help) and transfers it to the buyer.

  • The buyer changes the data and confirms the transaction

    The buyer receives the account information as well as brief instructions on changing the account information. After changing the data, the buyer confirms the transaction.

  • Insta Sale Escrow transfers money to the seller

    After confirming the transaction, Insta Sale Escrow agrees with the seller on the payment details and transfers the money for the account (with consideration of the fee).


The Insta Sale Escrow fee is 10% of the account price, but not less than $ 25 per transaction.

Methods for Transferring and Receiving the Payments

Currently, all the payments are processed via Bitcoin payment system. USD to BTC rate is fixed at the moment of invoicing. If during 1 day the Buyer does not pay the invoice, the amount can be recalculated (according to the USD to BTC rate then current). The Seller receives the payment according to the rate current at the moment of invoicing the Buyer (including fees) to his Bitcoin wallet.

We are currently working on adding new payment methods. You can find out about new payment methods from our news.

Transaction Duration

The duration of the transaction depends on various factors such as seller and buyer response speed, payment option selected, data entry correctness, time of payment verification by the payment system, weekends and holidays, as well as the listing price. You can see the average time for each step of the transaction in the table below (in this case, the transaction is considered to be opened after the buyer’s payment of Insta Sale Escrow invoice).

Listing priceUp to 500$500$-1000$1000$-5000$5000$+
Funding Time *15 – 60 minutes1 – 2 hours1 – 2 hours1 – 2 hours
Seller’s Data Receipt Time **1 – 12 hours1 – 12 hours1 – 12 hours12 – 24 hours
Account Verification Time ***1 – 6 hours3 – 12 hours12 – 24 hours12 – 24 hours
Time for changing buyer account information **1 – 12 hours1 – 12 hours1 – 12 hours12 – 24 hours
Time of payment transfer to the seller ***6 hours – 2 days6 hours – 2 days1 – 2 days1 – 3 days
Total transaction time ****9 hours – 2 days
Normally 1 working day.
1 – 3 days
Normally 2 working days.
2 – 4 days
Normally 3 working days.
3 – 5 days
Normally 4 working days.

* Funding time depends on the sat/byte fee amount. Payment is considered received after 3 confirmations.

** The speed of account data transfer and change depends on the seller and buyer. These values are the average time required for these actions.

*** The Insta Sale Escrow account verification and payment transfer usually take 1 working day. Payment may be delayed for the period of change of all the data from an original email or account. Please note that on weekends and holidays, we may not transfer funds or verify your account. If this is the case, you will be notified and the transaction will resume on the next working day.

**** Total transaction time is an arithmetic calculation based on the transactions completed. Please note that we cannot guarantee the exact date of transaction completion, as there are many factors that we cannot influence.