Frequently Asked Questions

How can I add my account to your platform?

Log in to your account and go to the Add Listing section. In the username field, enter only the account login you want to display for sale (without @ or other signs). After that please follow the instructions on Add Listing page.

What are the account requirements?

Your account must have at least 5,000 followers, be public and have more than 12 posts.

What does Pending status mean?

Pending status means that your account is under moderation. Normally, moderation takes 1 working day.

Why some accounts are added automatically, and other get Pending status?

If your account is already on the platform and you are renewing its publication date (without updating the price, category or description), it won't need moderation. In all other cases, the account will be checked manually once again.

Why my account is not published?

If your account has been in Pending status for a long time (more than 3 business days) or has been rejected, please review the listing description and make sure it complies with our policies.

Why should I renew my account?

When you renew your account date, it goes up in the general list. This way the buyers are more likely to find it. Accounts that have not been updated for a long time will no longer appear in the general list and search.

How can I get grey/blue badge?

At the moment we have the following badges:
Verified User Badge
You must have at least 3 completed transactions totalling more than $ 3000 to receive such a badge. You will then be prompted to verify your account. The description of the complete verification procedure will be provided soon.
Trusted User Badge
This badge is given to everyone after the first successful transaction.

How can my listings become recommended?

There is a range of requirements both for the seller and for the listing which can become recommended.
1. You must be a verified user
2. You must be registered at our marketplace at least for 6 months
3. Your first successful transaction was conducted not less than 4 months ago
4. The listing must include an original email
5. The listing is available only at our marketplace (is exclusive)

How to start an Insta Sale Escrow transaction?

Find the listing you want to buy and click "Buy account with escrow" button. Follow the instructions.

How does escrow work?

You can find out how Insta Sale Escrow works at this link.

What is an Insta Sale Escrow fee?

There is no buyer fee. The seller fee is 10% of the account price, but it cannot be less than $ 25 per transaction.

How can I pay for the listing?

Follow this link and check out the payment methods.

How will I receive payments for my account?

Follow this link and find the necessary information.

How long does Insta Sale Escrow Transaction take?

The duration of a transaction depends on many factors (seller and buyer response speed, transaction price, payment method, etc.). Follow this link for more details.