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This Instagram account makes money by hosting giveaways for bloggers and small businesses who PAY to participate.
Example: Giveaway for $500 item, bloggers pay to participate and “giveaway” this item to their followers.
PROFIT = blogger participation fees – prize price
Minimal time and effort commitment
We have a small community of bloggers who pay to participate in our giveaways regularly, so BUILT IN CLIENTS
Please message us if you are confused, no this is NOT gambling in any way. When you are ready to buy we will walk you through every step.

We hold about 3-4 giveaways per month. How?

1. Choose the item you want to give away. Typically, $500 value is the sweet spot. We can give suggestions!

2. Create giveaway graphic to post on Instagram. See example in images.

3. reach out to bloggers who may want to participate. We have 14 group chats (20-30 people in each chat) with bloggers who have held giveaways with us in the past. Many of these continue to do giveaways monthly!

We can show you where/ how to reach out to potential bloggers/ businesses who want to pay to participate.

4. Collect payment from bloggers- we have found Zelle, CashApp and Apple pay work well.

5. Create group chat with all participating bloggers. You will all post the giveaway graphic at the same time and engage with each others posts to help boost the Instagram algorithm.

6. Use facebook ads to help boost the giveaway follower gains.

This is INCREDIBLY SIMPLE. Once we walk you through it you will understand.

Posting the giveaway takes about 30 minutes. Finding bloggers to participate may take 10ish hours per week, simply sending messages on Instagram. You can also hire recruiters and pay them either commission or with free spots. We have some of these as well!


Most of our customers are Instagram bloggers in the USA, a few in Canada, and some small businesses. Many will contact you when they see other bloggers posting the giveaway image on their page. You should message some too for max profits. We have many repeat customers and recruiters too!


We have found that credit card processors and paypal do not want to work with our business. They say it is ‘risky’, though we have NEVER had a chargeback. For this reason, we accept payment only via Zelle, Cashapp and Apple Pay.

We used Stripe as a cc processor at the beginning of 2021, you can see earnings from Jan-May. We then tried Square on a different website and had the same issue. You can see earnings from (June-Sept) on the second website. between those times (and now) we are accepting payments via the methods described. It saves money on payment processor fees and the bloggers who participate don’t mind at all!

Why are we selling?

I am a doctor. My business partner is a pharmacist. This was a GREAT way to make extra income during school, but now we cannot commit the time required to continue with this business.

Why has revenue decreased recently?

Profits = Participation fees – Prize cost

Since the prize cost is fixed (whatever you choose it to be), the profit depends on how many bloggers sign up to participate. Some will inquire directly, some are past participants, some are sent over by recruiters, and some you will have to directly message. Recently my partner and I have not had any time to reach out directly so profits have been less. However, if you have 10 hours per week to send messages and build clients profits will increase while the prize cost stays the same.

Please send an inquiry if you have questions. This is a great opportunity to easily make income from your phone.

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