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This is an account where I provided science-based information on resistance training and nutrition. Specifically: muscle gain, strength gain, fat loss, and training programming. Audience was very engaged.

A few things:

Account started in Feb 1, 2017.
Primary audience age: 18-34yrs old.
81.5% male / 18.5% female
Primary audience in the U.S.

For income I would sell pre-made training programs on a website I use to have up running or on Never really took it too serious, but I did make a few hundred bucks per month as a little side thing. Most I made in one week was almost $500. So much potential here. I also received countless DM’s from other pages willing to pay me to promote their page, I never did that, but it goes to show the cash flows this can generate.

It took a A LOT of time to build this account. Each post took hours and hours of research to make. I no longer have the time for it. This page can be a cash machine whether you try to follow the same strategy or not. Taking that into account, I believe the price is more than fair. 1 week worth of easy income for the entire page and 47,000 loyal high quality followers.. it doesn’t get better than that. There was a time when i was into it all where if you would have asked to purchase my account, I wouldn’t have sold it for any less than $20,000.

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