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Welcome and let me just say that this is a great page to invest into for yourself. You can monetize for model features in post/stories. Or IG story to avertisers. Their are 13 targeted categories for 13 targeted qualitly leads that different business’s can use your promo or DMs to grow their business & for you to generate cashflow once you invest into owning this account for yourself. This account is worth $342.87 per post. I get thousands of likes and comments from real followers and people who have been engaging on my page with my content. I been Growing this account over 2 years now since 2018. So its solid & strong. Below is a full detailed analysis report of this Money Making Cash Cow Page Peformance & High Engagements on our Model Content. If you can give me an fair offer am willing to negotiate on price if the cash offer makes sense for the both of use. But really your getting the best value for your money here with this account. By the way my account has gain some more genuine fans at 62.7k followers since listing it here. I am growing the account organically and once I hit 70k the price will go up.
Gender & Ages that follow this account the most?
42% Male ages 25-34/ 29% Male 35-44/ 10% Male 18-24/ 4% Female 25-34
Authentic Followers
Real People 54.6% Influencers 0.2% Mass Real Following 41.5% Suspicious accounts 3.7% very small
Countries: United States 38% Brazil 6% Nigeria 3% Ghana 3% Mexico %3
How long has this account been around? Since March 26th of 2018.
Average Engagement
Likes 637 Comments 16 Real Authentic Engagement. 1.26% likes and comment on content. This is a Very Excellent Engagement rate. Similar account has a 1.16% engagement ratio.
Audience Interest
Entertainment 88%
Music 69%
Beauty & Fashion 67%
Children & Family 53%
Fitness & Yoga 45%
Books & Literature 50%
Business & Career 39%
Cars & Motorbikes 34%
Movies & TV 34%
Art & Design 31%
Sports 31%
Luxury Goods 31%
Technology & Science 30%

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