City & Country Instagram Accounts for sale


City and country Instagram account for sale

Some of the most popular niches on Instagram are the accounts associated with cities and countries.

There are many interesting pages with photos of the cities, streets and outstanding places. In addition, there are many accounts, which include pictures of such a country and its famous and little-known charming places. The more popular and prosperous the country is the more popular and expensive the page is, and the more subscribers it has. Thus, if you want to buy such a country account on Instagram, be ready to pay the correspondent price for it. For example, among the most popular countries on Instagram are the United States, the United Kingdom and Switzerland.

Target Audience of the City and country Instagram account

The followers of such accounts are those active people, who don`t stand still, don`t take root and are interested in the active pastime. If you generalize the audience according to their interests, you`ll get a mixture of those who are interested in:
• Geography. There are many pages where, in addition to photos, some interesting information about the certain places of a particular country or city is published.
• Travelling. These are people who dream of travelling or plan to visit different countries of the world. To do this, just follow the interesting places and choose where to go this time.
• Traditions. The photos of a country are the embodiment of its culture. A lot of Instagram accounts are devoted to the traditions of different countries. For example, there are some popular accounts devoted to the traditions of Japan and China. Eastern culture is something radically new for the European and Western users.
• An infrastructure of various settlements. Many people are fond of observing the progress of different countries and cities in the world. They are looking for pages with photos of streets, houses, shopping centers and other objects.

In general, almost all Instagram users can be assigned to these categories, because, even those who are not travelling right now, dream of the travelling in the future.

If you buy a City and country Instagram account, you`ll receive a powerful platform for business development in the most various spheres connected with the rest. For example, it can be an effective Instagram account for a tour operator, airline or hotel.